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Community is important to Everyone

Every individual within their community is surrounded by friends, family, work colleagues and other networks. These informal community supports and friendships come together in times of need to cope with stress, uncertainties, isolation and difficulties in peoples lives. From feedback, we've discovered that people with disability have a higher risk of isolation, loneliness and disconnection due to challenges accessing the community, building connections and knowing whats out there.

My Hero is all about reigniting connections within the community and building an informal network so that people with disability can enjoy community connections and independence. We provide opportunities and experiences through our own community connections to assist in creating friendships, participating in shared hobbies, group activities, community events, activities and even work experience.

The role we play in supporting people is guided by what is important to them. We are here to help every individual express their unique qualities and strengths through capacity building, empowerment and strength-based approach. We aim to build individual capabilities and connections.

If connections with community are not reignited, people are more likely to suffer from isolation with no opportunity for growth and community contribution.

At My Hero our philosophy is about supporting people to build those connections with their community to empower, improve independence and support each individual's well-being.

We are dedicated to supporting people to achieve their goals and build connections with their community to live a more enriched life.

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